Jul 18, 2013

Vintage Automobile Promotional Films

Here's some retro auto goodness for all you car nuts out there; a couple of vintage promotional films. 

Styling And the Experimental Car

This first one is called Styling And the Experimental Car, a Ford Motor Company produced promo from the 1960s that starts out with references to Egyptian design motifs to establish a history of styling cars that are pleasing to the eye.

A Touch Of Magic

Back when Americans were offered REAL cars to drive (unlike the bland electric shavers we have to choose from today), introducing new models was a huge deal. Car makers pulled out all the stops to promote their new designs. This video is typical; elaborate song and dance numbers, complete with costumes, that herald the arrival of the 1961 GM line of cars. If you want to jump right to the cars, go to the 3:45 mark.

Key To The Future

This 1956 GM Motorama film is a hoot, imagining what the future (1976, to be exact) would look like for driving. No bell bottoms, long sideburns or non-conformist hippies, but the film shows an On-Star-like system that guides motorists to their destination via a control tower, and built-in GPS-like systems for cars of the future. The video is in good shape and is fun to watch.

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