Mar 28, 2011

Snake Plissken At Megacon

I wasn't at Megacon for a long time this year, primarily because I had to teach class, but here are a couple of pictures of my costume, and the 501st display area this year. Enjoy!

Mar 22, 2011

Big Moon and Pelicans

The moon was closer to the earth than it will be for the next twenty years or so, so I went out to take some pictures of our closest celestial neighbor, which appears larger in the sky than normal. 

The next day I photographed pelicans at Bradenton Beach. Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

I parked on the Courtney Campbell Causeway with Tampa in the distance to wait. The first shot is a bit blurry as I adjusted my settings.

After getting my moon shots I decided to have a little fun, and created some unusual shots:

Mar 19, 2011


Introducing Evilworld, an original art piece created digitally, based on a sketch I did years ago (another reason to hang onto all your old sketchbooks, and to date all your sketches). Here is the original sketch, done in pen, while at a bar after work having a couple of beers after a hard day:

And here is the finished piece, which will be for sale later this year:

I'm currently working on a piece called Healthcare; I will post it when it's finished. Stay tuned!

Mar 10, 2011

Playing In Placida


On Monday and Tuesday I spent some time away from reality in Placida, near Ft. Meyers, and shot over four hundred pictures. Here are the best of those. Enjoy!

Pelicans playing in the sun. I love pelicans; they always look like they're having so much fun

An abandoned, automated lighthouse on Boca Grande Island, with an interesting rust pattern on the door


Scenes from the sun-splashed Boca Grande Island. It's easy to forget reality when you come here

Golf carts are everywhere on Boca Grande island. Some fancy, some utilitarian, they are the most popular way for locals and tourists to get around. A network of paths allow the carts to go almost anywhere on the island.


Mar 9, 2011

Helpful Links

I've been running this bog for awhile, and sometimes the more helpful links can be hard to find. So, below are some links to previous posts that I think will be helpful in your education as an artist.

Below are some very handy posts about sketching and drawing, with pages you can print out right on your home computer and use as guidance. These are valuable drawing aids, so be sure to check 'em out!