Business Card Series

Find Out Where Your Card Fits In The Story!
Do YOU have a business card with a cartoon panel on the back? Find out where your card fits into the story by reading the complete series here! Remember, each card is hand drawn and a completely original creation. You have a small, original piece of art in your hand. Share your piece of art with your friends! 

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Want to learn how to draw? Take a Magnum Arts drawing class! Classes are open to everyone above the age of 12, and is a fun, relaxing way to learn a new skill, or improve upon one you already have. There is no pressure to "keep up", as the class revolves around every student and their skill level. In class you will learn concepts such as:

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Also be sure to check out 86 Strings, the web comic about the bar and restaurant business  which will feature story lines inspired by users' real experiences! Click on the link to take you there!

Business Card Series - Where Does Your Card Fit In?

About The Card Series - This series is called Cuthbert's Dreamworld and is from a comic strip called Conundrum I created when I was living in New York. It was never published; I drew it mostly as an exercise, to further enhance my skills. Each card takes about four minutes to draw on average, and no two cards of the same number are alike. Each one is completely unique and drawn by hand.

Conundrum stars Cuthbert, the lonely sad sack for whom nothing ever goes the way it's supposed to (especially with girls), Dirk Deadmeat, the insufferable chauvinist who fancies himself a ladies man, and Lily, who is always sparring with Dirk and acting as the brains and common sense of the strip (and based on a good friend of mine named Susan, whom I worked with in New York). Enjoy the story!