Jul 26, 2013

Original Photography From Magnum Arts

These are slides I shot years ago when I was living in Westchester County New York, right above Manhattan.

I use to shoot a lot of slide film before the advent of digital cameras; I am going to start shooting slides again with my trusty Minolta X-700. Slides have a color depth and resonance you just don't get with digital images.

Left: This image was shot in South Hero Vermont at an apple festival. The old truck was parked in the field where people were parking. This is one of my favorite images. 

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All photographs copyright Magnum Arts

Garden and lawn shops are great places to take pictures of the garden statues. The statues seem to have a life of their own that people don't notice, when they gaze silently on the world

Outdoor flea markets are also great places for pictures; I discovered how interesting dolls at flea markets are when you zoom in closely on them. The results are really interesting

These are random, slides shot both in New York and Vermont, culled from literally hundreds and hundreds of slides and negatives I've shot over the years

Adhesive graffiti strips on the side of a railroad box car, Burlington VT, 1991

Binocular station at Rye Playland, New York, during winter snow storm, 1990

This bottle was in my room when I moved in; one winter morning when I woke up I noticed how the frost on the outside of the window looked with the early morning light shining through it and onto the bottle. The first thing I did was grab my camera

A mid-sixties Chevrolet ice cream truck, the kind with the special body designed for selling ice cream in quiet neighborhoods to kids playing, on hot summer days. A kind of specialty vehicle you don't see any more

A time exposure with colored polarizing filter of the FDR expressway in lower Manhattan

This frog candle has seen better days, to put it mildly

Spectators at a small-town fire department parade, Katonah, NY 1990

A late afternoon softball game, one last inning before a summer day gives way to dusk. Port Chester, NY 1990

An abandoned Volkwagen Beetle in the corner of a used car lot, Greenwich, CT 1991

Left: A man in American Indian garb relaxing after a small town parade, Katonah New York 1990 Right: Sitting on edge of subway platform, Montreal, 1989

The interior of a vintage passenger train car at a train museum, 1991

Below: This is a happy accident. On my last day in New York, I shot a self-portrait of myself on a park bench, smoking a cigar, looking at lower Manhattan from Brooklyn. I re-wound the slide film back into the canister  making note if the last frame I shot. When I got to Vermont, I set my camera up on a beach, put in the slide film and advanced the film (with the lens cap on) to a point beyond the last frame I had shot.

Or so I thought.

I ended up double-exposing some of the pictures, with this one being the best. Sometimes serendipity smiles on you. Because of my mistake, I ended up with a pretty cool image.

This sign just across the Vermont border in Canada always fascinated me.

Can you guess what this is a picture of? No? Take a look and give it your best shot.

OK, I'll tell you. It's a close-up shot of rusty iron rivets on an old railroad trestle in upstate New York. It looks like an alien landscape.

They don't make cars this beautiful any more. Truly our loss as a society.

A billboard during a building renovation in Times Square, New York, 1989

This close-up of a vintage movie projector makes it look like an Art Deco sky scraper

While waiting for a late-night train in Grand Central Terminal, in New York City, I took this time exposure with a colored polarizing filter. The reason the station looks deserted is because the people moving through it were not still enough to leave an image on film, except for one man reading the newspaper. One of my favorite images.

Sad, empty car lot seen while driving through one of the small towns in upstate New York heading back toward Vermont

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