Jul 4, 2013

Police Harassment Of Photographers Still A Problem

Yes, police are still harassing photographers and violating their rights, despite numerous court rulings, lawsuits, federal government intervention...despite all the efforts to educate the police of the law, police are still:

  • confiscating cameras
  • deleting footage
  • arresting photographers for taking pictures in public
  • harassing and threatening people with cameras
Here are examples of recent examples of police harassment of photographers.

The ACLU has a good guide for photographers' rights; check it out HERE. 

The ACLU Photographer's rights blog is HERE. Be sure to check it out.

No one has done more to publicize this problem than Carlos Miller, who runs the excellent and hugely influential Photography Is Not A Crime blog. Be sure to check it out. Knowledge is power.

The ACLU fights for the rights of photographers, and deserve your support. Visit their website and become a member. Their next fight could very well end up benefiting YOU. Click on the logo to take you there.

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