Jul 7, 2013

More New Camera Pictures

Updated with more pictures! Enjoy these pictures, most of which were taken while on the bike path that goes down to the town of Safety Harbor, right on the Gulf of Mexico. 

These pics were taken with the new Lumix GX1 I bought. So far I really love this little camera. It's displaced my Nikon D90.

This bird is a perfect example of why I wanted a small, high quality camera.

I was giving a drawing lesson outside the Safety Harbor Library; some small birds had made a nest in the port cochere by the entrance.

One of them, a female, flew right up to the bench I was sitting on, right next to my leg, looking up at me expectantly. She was incredibly tame; she let me get my camera right up close to take these cool pictures. 

She hung out with me for about five minutes or so, letting me take pictures, not showing the slightest amount of fear.

A very cool moment.

Just as cool, I found this tree frog hanging out in my rubber plant after a recent rain storm. He looked very comfortable, and let me get close enough to take these amazing shots.

Below: frogs seem to like hanging out on my rubber plant; here's another one I found when I was walking out to go to work one morning

This abandoned sailboat was located on the grounds of the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, most probably washed ashore by the recent stormy weather we've been having. Several waterspouts were spotted in St. Petersburg last week. 

A boat like this is high on my wish list. Anyone want to contribute to the Get Mike A Fun Boat fund? Your non-tax-deductible donations will be most appreciated!

Storm clouds at dusk make for some very dramatic pictures. Don't stay indoors at night and when it's stormy. You'll miss some great shots.

Above: sometimes a low angle makes all the difference for a good shot

...annnnnnd just for fun, here's the same picture punched up to 100% saturation. Pretty trippy!

And at the end of a weekend, nothing like a fine cigar, fine friends, fine beer and fine music.

Ahhh...life can be fine...it's all in how you look at it.

Enjoy the ride and make each day count.

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