Jul 3, 2013

The NSA Comes Recruiting To College

The NSA, the ultra-secretive agency who we now know has been spying on just about everyone, and whose director was caught lying to Congress about it, came recruiting to a college campus recently. 

Yeah...that didn't go well. The NSA recruiters were given some pretty tough questions by the educated college students, who were most decidedly not swayed by the doublespeak. 

The recruiters ended up fielding tough questions about the conduct of their agency, rather than inspiring interest in it. I think they would have rather stayed at the office.

As The New York Times points out, the secret FISA court has established on its own a growing body of law that gives the NSA incredibly sweeping powers, with no oversight at all, and that lack of oversight has led to an expansion of the NSA's powers. Read the article HERE.

This is a good read.

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