Apr 26, 2012

Disney's Animal Kingdom and EPCOT: Looking At the Details

With the last of the Disney passes I received for marching in Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios last year, Deb and I made one last trek to the Animal Kingdom and EPCOT theme parks. Since I have been to both so many times before, I decided to look for the little details scattered throughout the parks, small flourishes that most people do not consciously notice, but serve to give the park its distinctive atmosphere.

It's amazing what you see when you really look.

First up: Animal Kingdom


Don't know where this shot was taken?

It was taken inside the huge golf ball that dominates EPCOT, Spaceship Earth. The slow shutter speed caused light trails as the ride moved through the sphere

Below pictures: park visitors jockey for space to watch the impressive nightly fireworks display

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