Apr 3, 2012

Tampa Bay Lightning Final Home Game

As a gesture of thanks for arranging several high profile Star Wars-themed events at the Tampa Bay Times Forum (and with more to come), I was invited to a VIP leadership appreciation evening which included free food and a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game, their last home game of the season before they hit the road. 

What a game it was! I had a great time and took lots of pictures.

Click all pictures for a larger view (all photographs copyright Magnum Arts)

The next event I will be organizing for the 501st Legion at the Tampa Bay Times Forum will be another Star Wars night on April 30th, a Storm game. If you're in town, come to the Forum and check it out!

This is the VIP tent, at which there was free food and drinks, a free ticket and a goody bag of Lightning swag. After hanging with a couple of friends with the 501st legion, who were also invited, it was time to head inside to watch the game.

During the playing of the National Anthem a huge flag made its way across the crowd. Patriotism is strong at the Forum, with members of the military regularly being honored for their service and sacrifices.

Which is as it should be.

Bring on the 

I like a little hockey thrown in with the fighting, don't you...?

...annnnnd let's go to the videotape!

The lovely Lightning cheerleaders always get attention, from young and old

A young Lightning fan with her very own player

Gotta love the Kiss Cam!


Above right: The Force is strong tonight!

After an edge-of-your-seat game from which the Bolts defeated the Capitols, fans stream from the Forum while Steven Stamkos is interviewed on the big screen. Stamkos scored two goals, the second one breaking a 2-2 tie to give the Bolts the win with 1:05 left in the game. Stamkos now has a league record of 58 goals, an impressive accomplishment!

Below: Traffic and pedestrians jockey for space after the game is over

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