Apr 17, 2012

Salesman - The 1968 Documentary

This is a real treasure of American documentary film making, and well worth watching.

Salesman is a low budget documentary filmed in 1967 and follows four door-to-door salesmen who deal with constant rejection, homesickness and the inevitable burnout as they go across the country selling very expensive bibles to low-income Catholic families.

The focal point of the film is salesman Paul Brennan, who is the Willy Loman character in this film, and it is heartbreaking to watch him struggle to make sales, as it becomes obvious his heart just isn't in it any more.

What makes this film so special is its honesty. Filmed on a shoestring, there are no staged camera interviews and no fancy production values. This is a pure slice of American life that follows four door to door salesmen in their quest to sell overpriced bibles to poor working class families that cannot afford them. Once you start watching it you'll be pulled into a world that doesn't exist anymore. Below is a fourteen minute clip. Link to official website

The director talks about making the film, and his friendship with Paul Brennan HERE

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