Apr 16, 2012

Dark Sky Festival 2012

Dark Sky 2012 has concluded once again, the fourth year I have organized the 501st Legion's participation in this fun event. This year we had only three members who could troop this one, as the Legion was stretched thin. There were a lot of events taking place this particular weekend, and the Legion is a strictly voluntary organization of costuming professionals.

However, as always, the people there were great to hang out with, and we all had a great time. I want to send a shout out to the town of Harmony for taking such great care of us, and also to the staff of the Lakeside Inn, where we spent the night when the festival was over. It's a beautiful, very retro motel minutes away from the festival, and right on the water.

This little boy was scared of Darth Vader, but he succumbed to the dark side

I love the smiles of the faces of these two girls. This reaction is what makes events like this so much fun


And night falls, and Lord Vader's light saber is unsheathed!

Below: this little girl was at Dark Sky last year (below left), and Darth Vader helped himself to some of her popcorn. This year she was back and told her mom she was afraid Darth Vader would take her popcorn again. I assured her her popcorn was safe and she got her picture taken with us, holding my blaster (below right).

 Lord Vader demonstrates his skill with the Force and his light saber

The next morning I took some pictures of the mirror-flat water at the Lakeside Inn. There was a family of waterfowl that was on patrol, waiting for handouts, and were pretty bold, coming right up onto the deck while people were eating breakfast and made for charming morning company.

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