Jun 14, 2011

Star Wars Weekends 2011

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Another Star Wars Weekends has concluded; enjoy these pics of the highlights, as well as video of the parade. In case you are wondering, yes, it was very hot. This is not an event for the faint of heart; the heat back stage while in costume is no joke. Members stay hydrated by guzzling water and Gatorade before getting suited up, and afterward. The final Sunday was the toughest; with the heat index was over one hundred degrees. 

Below: 501st Legion members outside the backstage gate at Disney's Hollywood Studios

The parade begins from the backstage area where we muster before the gates are thrown open

On some days, we had enough officers to be able to lead each costume type. Below, I lead the "sandys", or the Tatooine desert Stormtroopers

Imperial Stormtroopers make an impressive part of the parade


Clone troopers, from the animated series, followed by TIE fighter pilots. The clone in green in Randy, the commanding officer of the Legion's Florida Garrison and a good friend

 TIE fighter pilots, followed by Imperial snow troopers

Below is the video of the parade. I make my appearance on the left side of the screen at 4:00

The 501st Legion has a get together every year at the end of Star Wars weekends to commemorate another successful series of marches. This time it was held at Houlihan's, in Kissimmee.

It's a tradition to get suited up, wander around the restaurant and blow off some steam. When members are in costume at an event it's strictly professional. When we're "off duty", so to speak, we get silly

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