Jun 25, 2011

Rochester Police Retaliate Against Community Meeting

Another update to the last post: The charges against Emily Good, the woman at the center of the story, have been dismissed, and Good is considering a civil lawsuit. Read about it HERE.

Rochester police retaliated against community members who gathered at a house to support the woman who was arrested for videotaping a police stop. Using rulers, they descended on the block where a community meeting was taking place, ticketing a dozen cars for being parked inches too far away from the curb. The full story is HERE.

The local news station has a report about this development HERE.

Emily Good, the woman at the center of the story, is interviewed HERE.

This is a prime example of why law enforcement needs oversight by the people, to discourage such abuses of power.

UPDATE: The police chief of Rochester has essentially admitted that Good's arrest was wrong, and the police officers acted in a retaliatory manner when they ticked cars for being parked too far away from the curb. Carlos Miller's excellent blog has the update HERE.

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Anonymous said...

In the follow-up videos, when the police are ticketing vehicles for parking more than 12 inches from the curb, look at the way the cops have parked their cruisers.