Sep 18, 2010

A Review Of Earlier Posts

With the number of posts I put on this blog it can be hard to find some of the more interesting things I put into the blog. The blog is divided iinto several categories:

  • Art Education - posts about artists, events and art news to help your education as an artist. These are informative posts
  • Art Tips - Downloads to print out, educational tutorials to improve your skills and drawing lessons
  • Comics Review - Posts about cartoonists, reviews of graphic novels, books and artists
  • Events - Pictures and posts about events I've participated in, and art-related events
  • Everything Else - Posts that don't directly relate to cartooning and drawing but are fun anyway
  • Original Artwork - My art and photography
  • Protecting Freedom - Posts about the threats to artists' ability to express themselves
  • Star Wars - Posts about 501st Legion events I've participated in
  • Videos - Fun videos to check out

Here is a short list of some of the most interesting links for you to check out:

  • Dragoncon - The huge comic book and costuming convention
  • Bad Comics - Because there are a lot of them out there
  • The Sea Hagg - One of the most interesting places in Florida
  • Celebration V - The huge Star Wars convention comes to Florida
  • Your Sketchbook - You have one, but do you know how to use it?

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