May 29, 2010

The Sea Hagg

The Sea Hagg is a destination in and of itself, and definitely worth the trip. Part vintage Florida, part marine salvage yard/curio shop/antique store/art gallery/museum, it is one of those places where the more you look, the more you see. In a world littered with ugly box stores, strip malls and retail chains selling the same stuff, the Sea Hagg is a refreshing detour from the drab corporate sameness we endure every day. From an artistic perspective, this is a must see! To visit the Sea Hagg's website, click HERE.

The yard is filled with all sorts of interesting and odd objects, including the wheelhouse of a tugboat, and a huge white skull that sits beside it.Out front is a customized Mercury convertible adorned with two mermaid tails and a custom paint job.

Topless mermaids and ships' figureheads are a big theme that runs through the Sea Hagg's collection of objects

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