May 10, 2010

Galactic Encounter Day

This was a fun event: the 501st "invaded" the Orlando History Center for Galactic Encounter Day, retaking it from the rebels. The OHC had a large number of science fiction exhibits from Star Wars, Star Trek and other movies, and the 501st and Rebel Legions were the star attractions. There were over a thousand visitors to the OHC, a number none of the staffers there had ever seen before! Here are some of the best pictures.

The rebels made their appearance first. Plenty of X-Wing pilots and a few Jedi. There was a huge crowd that was waiting to enter the OHC and watch the drama

To see a short video of the beginning of the "invasion", click HERE.

Uh come the Imperial reinforcements...

The invasion of this facility is now complete!

When Darth Vader, Royal Guards and Stormtroopers were posing for photos in front of the mock judge's bench, the line of people stretched out the door to have their picture taken, to the point where I had to announce that Darth Vader had to take a break and would be back. It was almost like Star Wars in Concert, there were so many people!

"Whew! Invasions are hard work!"

To see the entire gallery of pictures, click HERE

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