May 21, 2010

Star Wars Weekends 2010

This is video of Friday's Star Wars weekend parade at Hollywood Studios in Orlando. The 501st Legion was invited back to March again, although I am not marching this year. This is good footage of the parade leaving the back stage area and rounding the first corner to head down the center of the park. It was a hot day to be marching; Star Wars Weekends are the most physically demanding events the 501st Legion participates in. 

If you want to read a journal entry of a typical day marching in the SWW parades, click HERE.

For the report from my first year of marching in the parades, right after I joined the 501st Legion, click HERE.

This blog post will get updated with more pictures  from Star Wars Weekends 2010 as members who participate post them on line. Enjoy!

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