Sep 18, 2010

Film Camera Commercial

This is off subject, but I can't help sharing this. Below is a laughably bad commercial for a pretty cheap Vivitar point and shoot film camera - yes, a film camera. And a crappy one at that; it isn't even auto focus. It's what's known as a fixed-focus camera, meaning it's a low quality lens that doesn't focus on a specific area in the picture. Also, it doesn't change the shutter speed. It's the kind of camera you used to see in blister packs hanging by the check-out lines at drug stores and department stores (you might still see these, but not for much longer). In an age when cameras are built into cell phones, and digital cameras are so advanced (and cheap), this commercial smacks of desperation.

My favorite part of this commercial is the added sound effect that makes the camera sound like it's got a high speed motor drive when the guy pushes the button. Puh-leeze.

This is a pretty sad last-ditch attempt to sell a poor quality camera that no one wants anymore. Enjoy!

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