Sep 18, 2010

Dragoncon - What Is It?

What is it??

The posts which follow are about Dragoncon. For those of you unfamiliar with what Dragoncon is (is is a convention about dragons? Is it a dragon scam artist?  A dragon that's in prison? What...?? What is it??), Dragoncon is one of the country's largest costuming, sci-fi, comic book and art conventions in the country. The only one bigger is the enormous Comic-Con in San Diego, which is so big it's televised every year. The San Diego con is where studios announce new releases of video games, TV shows and movies, along with giving sneak peeks.

At Dragoncon, it's a four day long Halloween party, with artist areas, discussion panels and celebrities all rolled into one. It's a chance for attendees to meet their favorite artists, actors and writers, get autographed pictures, attend discussion panels about subjects that interest them, and hear actors and producers talk about their favorite television shows. And at night, of course, it's a big party with lots of incredible costumes and good friends.

There is also Dragoncon TV.

Dragoncon TV is a 24/7 network that plays on hotel room TVs and has video footage of popular panels (such as celebrity panels you'd never be able to get into unless you wanted to wait for hours, and I never do). There are also lots of hilarious, fan-made shorts that cater to the geeky, nerdy Dragoncon audience. When you're hanging out in your hotel room taking a break during the day, or at night, you watch DTV. It's just part of the experience. Fortunately, DTV is available on-line, and it brought back some fun memories. To check out the huge collection of DTV clips, click HERE. Here are a few of my favorite clips (tip: right-click each link below  to open in a new window):

Sci-Fi Janitors: Steampunk [DCTV 2010]

I'm already looking forward to Dragoncon 2011. I have several posts about Dragoncon. Here are some links to make it easier for you.

  • To read about the discussion panels I attended, click HERE.
  • To read about some of the artists I encountered, with links to their websites, click HERE.
  • To see the best of the almost eight hundred pictures I shot, click HERE.
  • To see my post from last year's Dragoncon, click HERE.
Finally, if you want to see a documentary about Dagoncon, enjoy this YouTube documentary clip.You'll want to go yourself!


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