Dec 21, 2010

Universal Studios At Christmas Time

Downtown Disney and Universal Studios were lit up for the holidays, and I visited the new Harry Potter portion of the Universal Studios theme park. Here is my report, with pictures.

Downtown Disney was filled with holiday lights and decorations. A fun (albeit heavily commercialized) place to visit this time of year

Above Left: the fountain in Downtown Disney changes color
Above Right: The Lego dragon, with the Rainforest Cafe across the pond

An army of stuffed toys waiting to be purchased

Three tired visitors overseen by a huge mouse

There is something kind of creepy about this army of Barbie dolls being disgorged from a dress in one of the window displays

The Harry Potter section of Universal was very well constructed but incredibly crowded. I waited an hour just to get into that section of the park

The castle, which is smaller than it looks because of clever detailing, was very impressive. This is where the main ride is located, where you fly on a broomstick

There were so many people in Harry Potter land it was hard to actually get back to the main part of the park. This part of the park was poorly designed

A traditional roller coaster opposite the castle

The Dr. Seuss trolley ride was mainly for kids but gave an nice overhead tour of the park

The Sinbad stunt show was kind of hokey, but had some impressive special effects (see photos below, click for larger image)

Left: The huge entrance to the Poseidon show; Right: The Grinch was big in the gift shops

An army of Grinches waiting to be taken home

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