Dec 12, 2010

Student Artwork

There's a new category on the Magnum Arts Blog, one that showcases the drawings and illustrations of students in the Cartooning and Drawing classes. Do you want to see your work on the Magnum Arts blog? Let me know! The first post in this category has work by two students.

Lindsey is fourteen, has been a regular student of mine for years. She is extremely talented and intelligent, which can be a challenge, believe it or not. The challenge is how to push such students to the next level, to help them improve their technique.

In Lindsey's case, the answer was to encourage her to explore her whimsical, playful side in her art. Lindsey's art tends to be extremely accurate with an almost architectural precision and level of detail. She strives to be as hyper-accurate as possible.

But sometimes less realism is better. So I brought in a copy of Go, Dog. Go!, one of my favorite children's storybooks. It's all about dogs, and dogs racing around in cars. How cool is that??

Compare Lindsey's drawing to the page she copied, below:

Here's another of Lindsey's illustrations from Go, Dog. Go!:

Caroline is a new student, around the same age as Lindsey, and was nice enough to let me post one of her illustrations. 

Caroline is extremely talented, which again, poses the question, how do you push her to the next level? In her case, the next step is to learn to polish off her illustrations by making them cleaner by reducing the slightly sketch-y quality.

Another direction would be to create detailed backgrounds, and to think outside the box. What can you do with these creations? What kind of personalities do they have? What kinds of situations would they find themselves in?

Thank you, Lindsey and Caroline, for letting me share your work!

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