Dec 12, 2010

Interesting Art Links


Comic book and graphic novel artists (usually independent ones) will create samples of their work that they give away free in order to generate interest, and hopefully sales. They will have a short stack of them at the tables they sit behind at comic book and costuming conventions, and this is an excellent place to meet and talk with artists, and help inspire you in your own art. If you are interested in developing as an artist, going to art-related events should be part of your schedule of activities.

I picked up this short comic book a few years ago at a comic book convention, and one of my Cartooning and Drawing students expressed interest in the illustration style, which tends to be manga-oriented. The inside of the booklet reads:

The pages collected here are the concepts of characters and scenes from the upcoming LEEWARD ECLIPSE graphic novel series. These images represent the sets, people, vessels and artistic style created by artist Michael S Bramson.

I like to give free publicity to artists when I can; my objective in scanning images from this comic book is to guide interested readers to the site where the work can be purchased. The website for Firepoint Studios is HERE. There isn't a lot on the website, just a few images, and no way to buy any of the images, or a graphic novel from which these images are taken.

I did find a place to buy the comic book by Michael S. Bramson. It's only $2.00, which is very reasonable if you like his style. If you do, head over and order a copy. Tell him Magnum Arts sent you! The link is HERE.

Jurassic Park

This comic book was done by Topps, the same company that creates the trading cards with a stick of bubble gum inside. The company has a huge portfolio of trading cards for TV, sports and movies, and Wacky Packages. 

This comic book has the stiff, heavy trading-card quality you'd expect from a bubble gum card publisher. With the artwork heavy handed and characters rendered with the subtlety of a sheet metal press, this is an uninspired comic book adaptation to a great movie.

Look at the shading of the faces, with the heavy emphasis on lines, seemingly thrown onto the face at random in an effort to give them some depth. The characters instead look like children who have been thrashed by the town bully.

Subtle this artwork isn't.

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