Aug 5, 2013

Wazoo Brewery Festival - Lowry Park Zoo

John Sammel of CJS Productions (my partner in the 86 Strings comic strip) asked me to take pics and video at the Wazoo Beer Fest, held at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo. It's a big event, with tons of breweries from which visitors can sample all manner of ales, stouts, lagers and other brews. There are food vendors, and also live music (there were several bands playing in different parts of the park, actually).

Below are some of the pictures I shot, and a short video of one of the bands. I will have to check this event out next year.

Below: I whipped up a special comic strip for this event; I literally had under two hours to draw it, scan it and send it to John so he could make copies for this event. 

The table had copies of the comic strip, 86 Strings stickers and drink coozies free for the taking

John Sammel (the tall, shaggy looking guy) with members of the first band that played that night

Below left: the lovely Guinness ladies at the Guinness tent
Below right: Sam Adams was also there, but he didn't say much, he just hoisted his drink all night. 

This is a porcupine who came out to check out the events (and no, porcupines do not shoot their quills). According to his handler, he's used to mixing with the crowd, and was quite docile.

He's pretty adorable, actually, but be careful petting him!

Below is a video of one of the bands. This groovy piece was interrupted by a power outage; apparently the circuit junction box is outdated and was having trouble handling the current flowing through it. I was just getting into the groove too.

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