Aug 6, 2013

Time Warner Parody Website - What Can We Do Worse?

This absolutely brilliant parody website and accompanying video embodies the hatred many customers have toward their only option for cable television and Internet: Time Warner. In many areas of the country, Time Warner is the only choice people have for their Internet and cable television, meaning that they simply don't have to care whether you like them or not. 

Their contempt for their customers was most recently displayed by arbitrarily jacking up the price they charge for their outdated cable boxes to their customers (read more about this HERE). 

Time Warner, however, was not amused, and had the account of the persons responsible for the parody site repeatedly shut down. However, the website and video live on. Check them out; it's some of the most brilliant satire I've seen of a predatory monopoly. For good measure, the video The First Honest Cable Company is below. It's what cable companies would say of they told the truth.

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