Feb 4, 2013

Free Comic Books

The Digital Comic Book Museum is on my list on links over there on the right, but it's worth a separate blog post to make sure you know how cool this site is. There are loads of comic books, all absolutely free for the taking (or in this case, downloading).

The comic books are from the forties to the sixties and are for the most part obscure and short-lived titles, from Westerns, pulp-science fiction, crime, humor and specialty publications. They have been scanned by various contributors, preserved for all time. Because they were printed on cheap, low-quality newsprint (hence the name "pulps"), the pages are yellowing, but they are perfectly readable.

They are a product of their time; the fashion, social customs and stories are all from the era they were created in, and reading them is like stepping back in time. And...did I mention they are all FREE??

Some files are in a format that requires Comic Book Reader in order to view them. CBR is a free application that makes it easy to read comic books on your computer or iPad. Once downloaded, open up the comic book and you'll see small icons of each page lined up vertically on the left, with the selected page taking up most of the screen so you can read it. You can control how big the selected page is, to make it easier for you to read. Click on the link below to take you to the download page.

Here are a couple of pages from some of the comic books I've downloaded from this cool site (click on each image to make it larger). 

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