Feb 24, 2013

Calvin and Hobbes in the Real World

I love these! A blogger by the name of Nite4awk has Photoshopped Calvin and Hobbes into real life photos, giving this marvelous comic strip a whole new dimension.

As you know, I love Calvin and Hobbes; it was one of the best written, best illustrated comic strips of modern times, a true work of art created by a man committed to the craft of cartooning. It was also the last of the great newspaper comic strips, the end of a glorious era of the funnies.

What do we have in the newspapers now? 

Stale, painfully unfunny, horribly produced sludge like Hi and Lois, Hagar The Horrible, Beetle Bailey, The Wizard of Id, Blondie...the list goes on. These strips have long ceased having any kind of original (not to mention amusing) content at all. It's obvious the artists are just going through the motions, stretching out a tired pun or a lame cliche into a two or three panel strip in order to make the golf course by tee-time.

To see a review of some of the best and worst comic strips (including Calvin and Hobbes), click HERE.

Bill Watterson, in contrast, is a true artist, a man committed to the quality and integrity of his strip. Looking at these pictures makes me sad that we will not see any new Calvin and Hobbes strips, and the world is a sadder place because of it.

To see the fine gallery of these creations, click on Calvin & Hobbes below.

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