Feb 20, 2013

FBI Visits Home of Protester

I'm on the fence about this video, but found it interesting enough to share with readers of this blog.

The woman who filmed this video attended a protest, a constitutionally-protected activity. The next day the FBI showed up at her door asking questions about knowledge of anyone who would cause destruction or harm to people. Naturally, the FBI agents cannot say who directed them to this individual.

The FBI has a well-documented history of violating the law with respect to following, infiltrating and harassing protesters, not to mention illegally compiling information about people without probable cause.

When the FBI shows up at the home of a protester, there is good cause to be concerned and a little paranoid. She was wise to videotape the encounter, and she makes several very good points (the FBI can lie to obtain information, but lying to the FBI is a serious crime, for example).  She maintains her composure, but is a little on the sarcastic side, for my taste. I also have to wonder if the demeanor of the FBI agents would have been different if she had not been videotaping.

It is very important to videotape your interactions with the authorities, for your own protection. If it comes down to your word against the word of law enforcement, you will almost always lose.

UPDATE: The video below this one explains very clearly why it is critical to record every encounter with the FBI, and why you should never speak to the FBI without a lawyer present. The short version: the FBI can lie and coerce you into doing what they want, even if you are innocent and have done nothing wrong. This is very good information.

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