Dec 14, 2012

Toys For Tots Troop

Updated - news video added!

The 501st Legion came out and spent the entire day helping the United States Marines collect toys for disadvantaged children in the Marines' annual Toys For Tots program. 

With two Wookies, Darth Vader, Clone troopers and other Star Wars characters, there were a lot of happy, enthusiastic children and parents who wanted pictures and to meet their favorite characters. 

The festive mood of the event was tempered by the horrific, senseless shooting in Connecticut, a tragedy that defies comprehension or understanding, and provides another reminder (as if any were needed) that every day is a gift. 

Nevertheless, the Marines filled up their enormous truck five times with donated toys, unloading them into box trucks to be distributed. They also raised an amazing $3,600 for the cause! This is double what the Marines were expecting, and they told us they believe our presence helped make the drive so successful. It was a fun, rewarding event, one that I'm glad I could be a part of. Helping people is what makes life truly worth living. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Enjoy the pictures! The video news segment is at the bottom of this post. Here's a screen capture; I'm in the blue jacket:

Note: click on all pictures for a larger view. No pictures may be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever.

The DJs and staff of the radio station Magic 94.9 were broadcasting there all day and hung out with us; one of the DJs has a relative who is a member of the 501st legion!

The lovely Ann Kelly from Magic 94.9 FM expressing her gratitude to a TIE fighter pilot

The news video from Channel 10 news (I make a brief appearance at the 5:24 mark.)

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