Dec 20, 2012

Mazda Miata Meet & Greet

To see pics of the huge Miata meet in Lakeland, also known as Miatapalooza 2013, click HERE.

My wife Deb has a 2011 Mazda MX-5 Miata she loves. It is a very fun car, with tight, confident handling and a lot of power for a four cylinder engine. It's also a nice looking car too, and nothing beats having a convertible in a tropical state like Florida.

She joined an on-line forum for other Tampa Bay Miata owners, who recently had a meet and greet in Tampa, where owners can compare each others rides, talk shop and swap ideas. It was a fun evening at a place called Rick's On The River.

The restaurant is on a quiet little river i Tampa with enough parking for a Miata rally.

The teeth in this Miata are made of plastic and give a really fun look to what is already a fun car. There are teeth kits for Miata owners that simulate shark, vampire and monster teeth.

I really like the fastback treatment of this Miata. It gives the car a whole new, European look. I don't know why  Mazda didn't explore fastback options with the Miatas.

Deb's car is the red one; the current  Miatas are bigger and wider than the earlier generations.


tito Carrasquillo said...

that's my fastback :)...thanks for the does give it a diffrent look...and nice ass shots of the miata in the last pik :)

Leisa Dreps said...

Wow! That was an amazing evening! It’s so nice to see cars of the same model but have looks and styles. And, OH!, is that a vampire fever? The teeth kit is really cool! I must say, Miata is awesome, no matter what you do with its body!