Aug 15, 2012

Teaming Up With Sakura

Micron pens are the only kind of fine art pens I use. I have a bag full of them with which I draw my sketches, the graphic novel I'm working on, and everything else.

When I teach inking in my drawing classes I introduce my students to Microns, who love them as well. (full disclosure: I am not being paid by Sakura of America, which makes the pens, but they have provided me with promotional materials).

Microns can be hard to find. The channel to get them into the hands of users leaves a lot to be desired, which is too bad. They deserve to get a lot more exposure than they're receiving.

So I contacted Sakura of America, which makes them, and offered to help them promote these pens. They sent me a box of samples and giveaways, which I will be distributing during drawing demonstrations, including the upcoming Safety Harbor arts fest on the 17th. 

I am also going to try something new: I'm in the process of getting the proper licenses to sell Microns directly to my students and people who visit my tables at art shows. There will be more details on this to come, but for now I can tell you that opening up the channels of distribution for companies like Sakura will help artists and students more easily discover and acquire the tools they need to create. 

One of the things Sakura sent me was a nifty Manga drawing guide; I will be handing out these as well during my drawing demos, so be sure to come out to get one!

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