Aug 28, 2012

Dragoncon 2012

Dragoncon 2012  has come and gone!

I wait all year for this event and it's over so quickly! I met some awesome people, tried out a new costume, and took a large number of pictures, which will be up very soon. There will also be another Dragoncon podcast, so watch for that as well.

Below is an awesome video by Beat Down Boogie that captures the fun and magic of Dragoncon! Below that are some Dragoncon-related links to check out while you're waiting for this year's pics!

  • A Tribute To Ernest Borgnine - I met Ernest Borgnine in costume at last year's Dragoncon. Sadly, he has passed away, and this post is a tribute to his incredible movie and television career

  • The Magnum Arts Dragoncon Podcast - Enjoy this entertaining podcast I created during Dragoncon2011, complete with music and interviews! Look for a Dragoncon podcast for this year!

  • Dragoncon Artists - A review of some of the incredible artists, with links to their websites, that I encountered last year. Dragoncon is an ideal place to meet, and learn from, artists

  • Dragoncon 2011 Pictures - Some of the best photos I took from last year's Dragoncon, along with links to other Dragoncon posts

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