Aug 19, 2012

MTV's Liquid Television

When I was in college there was one program I tried never to miss: Liquid Television on MTV, which showcased cutting edge animated shorts. I had a VCR and recorded each show on VHS tape so my buds and I could kick back and watch them whenever we wanted.

Yeah, VHS tapes. I had a trunk filled with them, full of movies and TV shows. I know, I'm showing my age. So sue me.

It was one of the best things on TV. Now, Viacom, which owns MTV, has put all of these awesome animated shorts on-line, and even better, allowed them to be embedded! Click on the picture at left, or HERE, to take you to the site.

So! Kick back and dig these awesome vids!

The Big City 
This is one of my favorites: cool, retro animation, a funky, flawless rap and a vibe that will have you movin' your head!

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Don't Go In The Basement (performed by the Mystic Knights)

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The Bill and Willis Show
This is a great one, with innovative puppetry, starring two losers who head to a swap meet and have a Jack-In-The-Beanstalk experience

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This one is very trippy, and involves an industrial accident that spawns huge super bugs. The animation is very retro and fun to watch

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Aeon Flux
This is a longer animation, without dialogue, about the super spy Aeon Flux, who infiltrates a hostile city with a great deal of gunfire and spectacular stunts. This was the basis for the film of the same name that came out.

The Maxx
While this one was actually on another MTV program called Oddities, I'm putting it here. The Maxx is a purple creature that bounces back and forth between the modern world and an ancient world. Maxx is taken care of by Julie. It's a non-linear, trippy televison series with truly innovative animation.

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