Feb 13, 2012

Sony Hikes Album Prices After Houston Death

The Guardian reports that just hours after R&B singer Whitney Houston's death was reported, Sony decided to cash in by jacking up the price of her greatest hits album, anticipating a wave of nostalgia at the singer's passing.

This is just the latest in a long line of arrogant moves and offenses against its customers by Sony, a company that takes cluelessness to a whole new level. Stay classy, Sony.

UPDATE: Sony has backtracked, claiming the 60% price hike was simply an accident, issuing an apology in the face of widespread negative reaction to the move. Hmm...funny how this accident just happened to occur hours after the singer's passing. Yeah, I'm calling bunk on this excuse.

No word on if Sony will be refunding the difference to people who have already purchased the mistakenly-priced album, as it was their error. (I wouldn't lay odds on it)


Link to Guardian article

Previous examples of Sony's contempt for its customers:

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