Feb 18, 2012

The Empire Invades the Forum

The 501st Legion invaded the Tampa Bay Times Forum on February 16, 2011 for Star Wars Night, taking over the custom Zamboni and the the ice rink, commandeered by Darth Maul, as well as hanging with the lovely Lightning Ladies. R2-D2 himself flew halfway across the galaxy to be here. Scan through the pictures to find a special treat for visitors to this blog: a video of the Legion's appearance at the Forum, complete with soundtrack!

I organized this event for the Legion, working with the staff at the Forum. As usual, the people we met at the Forum were enthusiastic, easy going and fun to hang out with. Special thanks goes out to Chris, Mathias, Courtney and Zack, our Forum handlers, for being such fun and gracious hosts. 

Darth Maul hit the ice, and was covered by another photographer on this event. Once I get permission to post some of his photos here I will do so. Incidentally, Dan, the Darth Maul, is one of a handful of George Lucas-approved Mauls, who have undergone training and a certification process to appear at high profile events such as this one. Our Darth Maul drove all the way from the east coast to join us for this troop. Click on all pictures for a larger view.

Visitors to the hockey game gather in the courtyard to take pictures of 501st Legion members before the game begins

What visit to the Forum would be complete without meeting the lovely Lightning ladies?

Heading toward the Zambonis for the first intermission

Ready to commandeer a Zomboni to enforce the will of the Empire

The Tesla coil as seen from  directly below, in the back stage area

On the custom Zamboni, getting ready to hit the ice during intermission

And, as promised, an exclusive video created by myself for this fantastic troop. This video is for personal, not commercial use only, and is only intended for visitors and staff of the Forum (as well as the faithful followers of this blog). Please do not burn copies and distribute. Enjoy!

Members cool down in the staging area before heading back out again

Getting stopped for pictures back stage on our way to the VIP area

Posing for pictures during second intermission. The Forum crowd was fun, cooperative and enthusiastic!

In the VIP lounge area, before the troop ends

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