Feb 16, 2012

Lawyer Educates Police About Wiretapping Law

I had seen this video before, but it's worth posting as a case study about how to defend your rights when confronted by the police about recording encounters.

A group called SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness) protests the activities of a Pennsylvania gun club's pigeon shoots, in which pigeons are released from cages and shot multiple times, until they are dead. SHARK considers the practice barbaric and regularly protests outside the club.

Gun club owners have responded with a variety of threats, harassment, and even assault, going so far as to intentionally try to run over protesters, none of which has resulted in any meaningful police response. Indeed, it has become clear that the police department of Bensalem, PA sides squarely with the gun club, and has consistently refused to take any action against members of the club.

In this video, Bensalem police (accompanied by a gun club member) responds to two women who are protesting the club, with the intention of making them go away. Unfortunately for the police, one of the women is a lawyer who refuses to back down and forces the police officer to make several concessions. She stands up for her rights perfectly, even going so far as to ask what the police response will be if she chooses not to comply.

I think the police officer in the video realizes he has bitten off more than he can chew. Very interesting video, well worth watching. This is how defending your rights is done.

Steve Hindy, a member of SHARK, has documented on video multiple instances of Bensalem police inaction and corruption with respect to this particular gun club.

LINK to SHARK website
LINK to SHARK YouTube Channel


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