Sep 8, 2013

Dragon*Con Parade Videos and More

The highlights from the parade are completed! View parts One and Two below!

To see pictures of Dragon*Con costumes and events, click HERE!
To see the blog post about the parade, click HERE!

The parade this year was awesome, and after getting some good footage at the staging area, I ran back to the Marriott to catch the parade as it ended, snagging a good perch above the crowd. 

Here is a montage of scenes from the staging area:

Here is Part One of the best of the DragonCon parade. This was one of the best parades yet!

...and here is Part Two of the parade!

This is the official Dragon*Con broadcast of the parade and last about an hour, if you want to watch the whole thing.

This is a brief video that showcases some great costumes and the madness that is Dragon*Con.

This is a great video that proclaims that girls like geek culture, will continue to like geek culture without the permission of boys, thank you very much, and if you can't accept that, well, then that is your problem. It is time for sexism in the geek and cosplay community to take a hike.

Enjoy this fantastic video from DragonCon TV this year called Last DragonCon, written and performed by the lovely and talented Deena Roth, a parody of the song Last Friday Night. This song has been stuck in my head all weekend. This is what DragonCon is all about!

Beatdown Bookie once again has created a terrific video that showcases the gloriously fun madness that is Dragon*Con. This is a beautifully produced video.

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