Sep 8, 2013

Dragon*Con 2013 - More Costume Pictures

You want more pictures of awesome costumes? 

UMO Photography has you covered. They took this one of me on Thursday  and their Facebook page has hundreds of pictures of awesome costumes, a lot of which I hadn't seen.

How did I miss all those great costumes?? Unfortunately, at Dragon*Con, you just can't see 'em all, which is why it's great that people take so many pictures, so we can at least see what we missed.

Check out the Facebook page of UMO Photography here and lose yourself in all of the epic costumes that were at Dragon*Con this year. Makes me impatient for next year!

  • To see the pictures and video I shot, click HERE!
  • To see coverage of the parade, including the staging area, click HERE!
  • To see video I shot of the parade, click HERE!

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