Jun 26, 2013

Three Female Pin-Up Artists Who Defined An Era

The Pin-up is an established, treasured and classic art form, a celebration of women in a tasteful, fun and playful way. The pin-up is not sleazy, degrading to women or low brow, it is an art form that defined an age. Pinups were painted on the noses of airplanes fighting overseas to remind American soldiers what they were fighting for.

Everyone assumes that pin-up artists were all men, and for the most part that's true, with a few noteworthy exceptions. There were three female pin-up artists whose work defined the genre, and who have not been given the recognition they deserve.

A blog post by Lisa Helix (a female admirer of the pin-up genre) writes about these three amazing artists, and the models they used as inspiration for their work. It's an interesting read.

There is some (tasteful) nudity in her blog post; if the female form offends you, you probably better not click on the link below.

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