Jun 17, 2013

New Camera Pictures

I recently took the plunge and bought a new SLR to replace the big and bulky Nikon D90. The D90 is so big and bulky that it is a pain to carry, so I left it at home most of the time.

As a result I was missing good picture opportunities.

I bought a Lumix GX1 which has a huge CCD sensor in it which rivals those of full-size SLRs like the D90, and has all of the features, settings and capabilities of my D90. Best of all, it fits into a small camera case I can wear on my belt or throw into my bag, so it's always with me.

The GX1, besides having all 4 standard shooting modes (Program, aperture and shutter priority, manual) has tons of special-purpose shooting modes, auto bracketing, and it can shoot video as well. In fact, it can capture still images while shooting video. Plus, it's capable of doing time-lapse photography.

But it's in lower-light situations where it really shines. The camera provides impressive results in dim light, essential when at comic book conventions, where the lighting is typically less than ideal.

Now, when I'm in costume, I won't have an enormous SLR slung over my shoulder; I'll have this small package in its case on my belt, ready to whip out at a moment's notice. I've also taken it biking with me as well.

These are the first pictures I've taken with it, in downtown St. Petersburg Florida, on Central Avenue. Finally, no more two pound camera weighing down my shoulder!

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