Jul 5, 2012

Fireworks In Paradise

One of the perks of living in a tropical climate is the beach, and one of the best things about having the beach are the activities that take place on them, and one of the best activities on the beach are Fourth of July fireworks. 

It just doesn't get any better than this.

Enjoy these pictures I shot of July 4th fireworks at Treasure Island Beach! 
(all photographs copyright Magnum Arts)

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Treasure Island Beach was transformed into a tropical Woodstock, with live music, food vendors, a huge inflatable slide and rock climbing wall, and sail-driven sand racers.

One of the regular beach denizens is Stephen Daniels, who assists people who have been accused of DUI offenses (see his website HERE). Daniels tows a trailer onto the beach with his bike filled with beach gear, including a bamboo mat, a bar, three flags, umbrellas, two battery powered blenders, beach chairs, and a boom box, among other things. He sets up camp on the beach and makes mixed drinks, sharing them with his friends. He supplied me with a tasty mango margarita!

No sand is allowed on the bamboo mat (he has a foot wash and broom to keep it clean). This is a man who takes his beach time seriously.

Below: Daniels' beach encampment. The man in the bikini on the right is a professor and has published numerous books on history. He wears a bikini and makeup and doesn't care what other people think. He enjoys life his own way, unburdened by conformity, and he bothers no one.

Good for him, I say.

Daniels also set up this mini beach bar right in the water, complete with shade. Ahhh, life is good!

A large area on the beach is kept clear for the fireworks crews to set up.

Below: a close-up of the fireworks, which resemble mortar rounds. The chemical composition of the rounds determine the colors.

The beach is jammed with people as the sun makes its way toward the horizon

Boats begin to assemble, jockeying for space to catch a good spot to watch the show

As the sun begins its final descent on the Gulf of Mexico, it becomes clear what a treat it is to live where you can experience life on the beach

The beach is more crowded than I've ever seen it as people arrive to check out the evening's show and beat the sultry humidity. Dusk is invading the sky

Almost showtime!


...and after the show, there is the huge amount of traffic all trying to get home. A forty minute drive took over an hour and a half. Oh well. It was worth it!

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