Jul 24, 2012

A Swinging Buzz With A Hip Cat

One of my favorite artists that I see each year at DragonCon is Derek, who creates retro, whimsical, hipster art filled with the groovy, slangy vibe of the sixties. His website is HERE. 

Once again DragonCon has asked him to design the official DragonCon tee-shirt, and once again Derek created an awesome illustration. He designed the 2010 DragonCon tee-shirt as well, and I bought a limited edition print that is framed and hanging on my wall in my studio.

I want this one. Big time.

So I wrote Derek an e-mail in a way he could relate, and he send back a fantastic response. Enjoy! 

My email:

Hey cool cat, I snatched up one of the limited edition prints of the Dragncon 2010 image you did; it's framed and hanging in my studio. I just got the Dragoncon 2012 program, and see you did another hip sketch for us cool costuming cats. I picked up a couple other of your swingin' pieces last year too. In fact, I put bamboo on the walls to make my own hip shack to chill and distill in.

I'm needing one of those prints, man, catch my drift? Like, I'll be slummin' and bummin' if I don't get one! A tee-shirt ain't gonna get the beat going, dude! If you do a run of prints, send me a telegraph, and I'll be chillin' like a villain. This scene is too hip to fade away on a tee, dig it? 

On the flipside with spicy mustard,

Mike Lyman

Derek's response:

Howdy Michael......

So glad ya' dig the doodles, Dad!......No need to flip your wig, man......I'll be makin' with the DragonCon prints this go around! Drop in on the gig so's you can get your paws on one! It's a sure thing, Chicken Wing!

Dig ya' soon, Baboon!

Crazy, man!

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