Jun 11, 2012

From The "Dark Office" Series

The Dark Office series of paintings and prints reflect the nihilism, corruption and pointlessness of corporate existence. 

Left: This is a rough sketch I did while spending the entire day at Tires Plus on a Friday, inhaling the fragrant bouquet of rubber, dust, and stale coffee while listening to bad daytime TV filled with courtroom shows and incessant lawyer commercials, surrounded by year old magazines.

This pretty much sums up the mood I was in on Friday. It's called Workflow, and might be another addition to the Dark Office Series.

This is a study for a painting in the "Dark Office" series, called Consumption. This painting is now completed and will, at some point, be available as a giclee painting for sale.

Below: Fallacy Of Independent Thought, ink on paper 2013

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