May 22, 2012

What Is Cosplay?

Regular followers of this blog know that costuming, or cosplay, is one of my interests; I am a member of the 501st Legion, the global Star Wars costuming group, and I have another costume I wear to Dragoncon every year, and I'm currently working on another costume.

Some people consider this a waste of time, or just don't understand the whole costuming thing. Some people think it's downright weird, and that's fine. I kind of like it that costuming is out in the fringes. I wouldn't want it to gain complete social acceptance, what fun would that be??

Below are some videos, and a link to my Dragoncon podcast to show you why costuming is so much fun and why otherwise-rational people do it. Enjoy!

This video is from the New York ComicCon and has interviews with attendees explaining their interest in costuming:

This isn't the official Dragoncon video, but it should be! This is the big event I attend each year, and this video demonstrates why it's so much fun:

This is the podcast I created last year during Dragoncon with a report from the con and interviews that gives you a good sense of what Dragoncon is like. Listen on your PC, download it to your iPod or favorite MP3 device:

This is my blog entry from my report on Dragoncon from 2011, filled with pictures and links. Enjoy!

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