Oct 2, 2011

Invasion Of The History Center

Out Of This World Costume Exhibit - October 1st, 2011

The 501st Legion and Rebel Legion, along with the Tampa Bay Ghostbusters, descended on the Tampa History Center, which has an exhibit of science fiction costumes and props on display.

From the Marriot hotel down the street, Imperial forces marched on the History Center and staged a mock battle with the rebels, and took the Ghostbusters into custody. It was a very high profile event and loads of fun.

There are pics and video! The pictures are courtesy of Sioux Hart, one of my drawing students who tagged along and handled photography duties.

If you want  to see even more, there is a huge photo album link created by another 501st member at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Right: my good friend Brian in his Vader costume. Brian and I have trooped together many times.

The History Center obtained a suite for us at the Marriott to use as our staging area. The suite number, unbelievably, was number 501. This was a  complete coincidence! The History Center staff were very gracious and took very good care of us.

Below: behind the Marriott, we get ready to move out

Here's a video of the 501st emerging from the Marriott; I'm the one at the head of the procession:

Once at the History Center, which was jammed with people, the Empire took the Ghostbusters into custody:

Then the rebels arrived and after a staged battle, we all retreated back into the museum. The crowd loved it!

Below: this, by far, is my favorite picture:

This is the biggest elevator in Hillborough County. It's Death Star sized!

Photo album link HERE

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