Oct 17, 2011

Photos From a Country Fair

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A country fair offers the chance for a lot of good pictures; I'm especially intrigued by the artwork that adorns the rides, art that is designed to attract patrons into handing over their tickets. The artwork is fun, trippy, and some of the depictions of movie characters (such as Indiana Jones, for example), don't quite look like the actors that portrayed them.

Below: these rides go pretty fast! The blur effect is caused by longer shutter speeds, about one full second

Fair 057a

Below: I don't remember tiki statues being in Indiana Jones movies....

Fair 016a

Indy looks less like Harrison Ford in this one, more like a Latin American drifter who needs a shave
Fair 017a

Fair 018a

I don't think Tony Montana likes bananas

Fair 030a

Fair 082a

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