Apr 4, 2010

Swiss Family Robinson Tree House

Kevin Kidney is a former designer for Disney, now a full-time artist and writer, who has a fine, very entertaining blog called Kevin Kidney. In this post he has some rare pictures of the Swiss Family Robinson tree house as it was being constructed in Anaheim, California at Walt Disney Land.

The tree house is based on a 1960 movie produced by Walt Disney studios, which is based on a book written by Johann Wyss. The tree is constructed of concrete, steel and stucco, and reaches 60 feet tall. It was one of the original attractions at the Anaheim Disney park.

The Swiss Family Robinson, besides being a movie, was also two television series as well; a one-year Canadian series in 1974, followed by a 1975 American series produced by shlock producer Irwin Allen, creator of such shows at Land Of The Giants, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, and Lost In Space.

The American series starred Martin Milner, (most famous from Adam-12, the Jack Webb 60's cop show) as well as Willie Aames, who became a minor heartthrob in the 70's TV show 8 Is Enough.  And - get this - Helen Hunt also starred in this show, Helen Hunt who later went onto star in the TV sitcom Mad About You with Paul Riser. The Swiss Family Robinson lasted as long as the Canadian version: one year.

I actually remember watching an episode when I was a kid; it was pretty lame. Like, totally squaresville. Don't believe me? Check out the opening sequence below.

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