Apr 18, 2010

Dark Sky Festival 2010

The 501st Legion was invited to the Dark Sky Festival in the town of Harmony once again, and like last year, the crowd was very receptive. We couldn't go two or three steps without getting mobbed with people wanting pictures. The Dark Sky festival promotes practices that reduces light pollution so astronomers can see the stars at night with their telescopes.

There were two Imperial officers, an Imperial Stormtrooper, an X-wing pilot, a Clone trooper and Princess Leia. The event had all sorts of exhibits about astronomy, musicians, a magician, telescopes and even a guy on stilts!

My friend Robert in his Clone trooper armor, looking very intimidating

The group picture after nightfall. Good times, good friends, friendly people, that's what I'm talking about

To see the whole album of pictures, click HERE

Before doing the Dark Sky troop, I tagged along for another troop earlier in the day, a book fair at the University of Central Florida, where we entertained the kids by reading to them and signing (a lot) of autographs. The kids treated us like rock stars! 

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