Jan 27, 2008

Magnum Arts Original Artwork

Below are some scans from my graphic novel, which should be publication ready by the end of this year. After creating the black and white line-art in my sketchbook, I scan it into the computer, and then use a computer drawing tablet to add shading, shapes, dialogue and also to fix errors. These pages do not have dialogue because that will be added once all the pages are completed, to ensure that the story flows the way it should.

On the left is the artwork scanned in from my sketchbook, and the completed page on the right. Click on each drawing for a larger view.
All Images Copyright Magnum Arts, Michael K. Lyman

Below are a couple of charcoal pencil illustrations as well as some ink doodles from my last sketchbook. Enjoy!

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Madeline said...

Hey! This is Madeline. I remember seeing some of those charcoal drawings. ;D