Jan 27, 2008

Cartooning Websites To Check Out

Below are some fun websites to explore, all of which deal with cartooning and art. Sometimes it's good to look at what other artists are doing; this stimulates your own creative impulses.

HOWTOONS - This is a very fun website which has a variety of fun projects and things to build, all explained in comic book, graphic novel format. marsh mellow shooter, soda bottle submarine, spring-loaded chopsticks...it's all here!

DRAWSPACE - This site is FILLED with all sorts of tutorials for artists, divided into various skill levels (beginning, intermediate, or advanced). You're sure to learn something here you never knew.

Golden Age Comic Book Stories - Bookmark this site and check it every so often. Mr Door Tree, the person who runs this blog, has great scans of long-lost comic books, art, sketches and information. Manga may be all the rage, but check out the true "golden age" of comics!

- This is an on-line webcomic community. A very cool site, there are tools that allow you to create your own comic, follow ones that others have done, take part in comic book forums, there are tutorials...a must see! Do yourself a favor and bookmark this site. That's your homework assignment.

DEVIANT ART - Another great website, this one allows you to see the art of a huge number of artists, providing some much-needed exposure to the many talented artists out there.

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