Oct 31, 2013

Our Democracy At Risk - Stop Watching Us

This phenomenal video with actors, whistle-blowers and veterans make the case that our democracy is at a crossroads. If people in this country want their freedoms, they have to stand up to protect them, or find themselves deprived of them. It's already happening, it may happen to you. The dangers to our cherished civil liberties have never been greater, and it's up to all of us to defend them.

The NSA is a wildly out of control agency intent on maintaining its power with as little oversight as possible. The Guardian newspaper, which broke the story, has set the standard in reporting on the NSA's abuses. Keep track of the latest developments with their feature The NSA Files.

The NSA cannot even follow the few constraints it has, constraints imposed upon it by Congress. Even when they are subject to rules, they disregard them. Read about that HERE.